Helping Others for Sake of Helping

The world is a small place and you never know where an acquaintance or favor you’ve done for someone is going to come back and repay you; or bite you in the ass if you burned someone along the way. Definitely some things just come my way because of recognition but generally I work and do things with people I’ve known for a long time or for a friend of a friend. I find a lot of good things come to me from unsuspected places I haven’t visited in a while; but where I may have done something good along the way.

Quality of Life Perspectives: Matthew Coleman

The other day I was chatting with Matthew Coleman, a landscaping specialist from southern California.  He was helping us with some work and we got to chatting.


We started talking about parenting and before I knew it we started getting into one of those deep, fluid, interesting conversations.  The kind you wish you could do more of but find yourself not having the time for.  [In fact, I started to tell myself I didn t have the time on a busy work day to chat – but thankfully I decided to chill and enjoy the rich experience presented to me.]


A minute into our conversation I realized some gems were forthcoming so I decided to record the conversation (with a phone video camera).  Below is a link to the conversation, in which Matthew shared his perspectives and practices around parenting.  CLICK ON THE PHOTO BELOW TO WATCH THE VIDEO.










Here are some things that stood out from our conversation:

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