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Quality of Life Perspectives: Sidney Harman Cites Death of a Salesman

Sidney Harman epitomizes the term “wise man.” When he was 25, he was way ahead of the game in terms of knowing what is important in life and how to make positive things happen. At 92, lets just say he knows a lot about life…

Dr. Harman is a warm, energetic, generous man who also happens to be one of the great businessman of our time. His best known company was Harman International which he ran since for decades, retiring as chairman in 2008. He was writing about the competitive advantage of corporate human development and the importance of company culture back in the 1980’s  — way ahead of the late 1990’s gurus. Dr. Harman is also one of those “under the radar” philanthropists who has done a whole lot to improve society.  

I got some great life perspectives from Dr. Harman during our interview. From how to play the longevity game to his exercise practice to advice on how to deal with difficult people.

But my favorite excerpt was Dr. Harman’s response to my question, “What type of people do you admire?”

He responded by citing a passage from Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman and then making his point from there.  Click below link and look for audio player at top.

Sidney Harman Talks About the Type of People He Admires

When it comes down to it, I think we are all drawn to those people who are doers and don’t feel the need to showcase their successes to others.

But how perfectly did Sidney Harman put it?

One Response to “Quality of Life Perspectives: Sidney Harman Cites Death of a Salesman”

  1. Les Tavares says:

    Good stuff! It’s amazing the impact of a good storyteller. Enjoying the audio addition to the site.

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