Warren Brown

Warren Brown is the host of the Food Network show, Sugar Rush. He had a career in health education and law until he decided that his true calling was to become a pastry chef, and is the founder and owner of bakery CakeLove. There are currently five CakeLove locations in the Washington DC area. Warren received his bachelor’s degree from Brown University and a J.D. and master’s degree from The George Washington University Law School.



I definitely notice a difference in how I feel based on what I eat. As far as meats, no red meat anymore, just chicken and fish.  Also, I’m not uber strict about it, but I believe in the premise of balancing proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.  I’ll eat vegetables when I’m eating meat or fish and I’ll have carbs either alone or with a small amount of protein. If you eat a hamburger with a bun, you’re going to digest and burn that bun into fuel (glucose) faster than the meat because it’s easier and has a smaller chain to break down.  And so your fuel tank glucose reaches “full” before you really start to digest the hamburger. The protein in the meat will either not get digested before you expel it, or it will get converted into fat and stored for later on.  Now it would be great if your body burned all that fat later on; but then you eat again –more or less eating the same thing day in and day out — and you’re constantly add to astorage tank that gets bigger and bigger. I’m not a specialist about all this, but I know how I felt before I changed my diet and how I feel now, and I’ll never turn back.

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