Take Action


Here are five ways you can advocate the causes that are important to us:

1. Spread the world. The Quality of Life Project is more than just learning from others’ perspectives and practices on getting the most out of life. We believe in the academic research, which indicates the greater people’s life satisfaction the more likely they are to be generous, altruistic citizens.   Our organization is also about communicating to the world the types of qualities we want in our leaders.  Please talk about us, write about us, share our content with others.

2.  Enjoy your life. Life is a gift.  Is there not virtue in appreciating the people, nature and experiences around us?

3.  Support other organizations supporting this movement. Below are several organizations that you could support through promotion, volunteering, financial support or making a business introduction.

  • Glaser Progress Foundation. www.glaserfoundation.org
    This foundation was started by Rob Glaser who was the founder of Real Netowrks.  They are concerned with how do we measure progress as a country, with an appreciation that the quality of life of our citizens is a key and overlooked component.
  • Gallup Healthways Well Being Index. www.well-beingindex.com
    This is a wonderful collaboration that we learned about through Roy Spence of Idea Studios and the Purpose Based Institute.
  • Martin Seligman’s positive psychology studies. www.authentichappiness.org
    Since 2006, Seligman and other positive psychologists such as Jane Gillham (Swarthmore University) have been leading the curriculum development and teacher training of positive psychology / life satisfaction classes being delivered to tenth graders in the northeast.  They have also helped launch nationwide initiatives in England and Australia.