Quality of Life Perspectives: Mario Morino on Deprogramming Yourself When You Leave the Office

Mario Morino

Mario Morino

Mario Morino is a man for whom I have great respect for.  He is one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs and philanthropists I have come across:  he cofounded and built Legent Corporation and Venture Philanthropy Partners, his latest creation.

However, the reason people have great respect for Mario is the person he is.  Despite all of his accomplishments, you will not meet a more grounded person.  You can tell he is the same person he always was and that he treats people based on their character and not their station or resume.

In my interview with Mario he made the following comment which I think is a great bit of wisdom we should all think about for a minute.

“Sometimes the characteristics that served me in the business world—a hard charging, driving force — tend not to be  the best characteristics for husband and father. So I have made strides in deprogramming myself from the characteristics that are not great to use around the house.”


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Quality of Life Perspectives: Mike Krzyzewski Talks about Associating with Good People

Mike Krzyzewski

Mike Krzyzewski

I had the immense opportunity to interview Mike Krzyzewski at the Milken Conference earlier this year.  Coach K is one of the most successful coaches in any sport on any level. However, Mike is probably even more respected today for his role as a leadership expert, a motivational speaker and a philanthropist.

You can view the VIDEO of our interview with Coach Krzyzewski HERE.

Within the video there are index tags so you can navigate per your preferences.

Here are some of my favorite excerpts of the interview:

-  Self dialogue practice (”Being in tune with yourself” section)

-  Follow the people you can learn from, not the money.  (”Associating yourself with good people” section)

-  Getting outside, solitude. (”On spending time in nature” section)

I belive when people think of Mike Krzyzewski, they think of a high integrity person who aspires to be a successful human being rather than simply a successful professional.  That is what they respect and it’s also what leads to his quality of life.

Top Ten Quality of Life Contributors by Cynthia Chin

rWe live in a time when more and more people realize that life is not just about existing but absolutely be about living to the fullest. Most of us perceive ourselves to be stuck in whatever rut that we cannot possibly get out of at the moment, for whatever reasons. I’d like to think otherwise. Quality of life is something that I experience, pursue and maintain at all costs because I believe that if we don’t love, enjoy and LIVE life, than our short time on earth will be sadly wasted.

So, what drives me? These are 10 contributors to what I especially love about my life, in no particular order. I’m working on all of them. Doesn’t mean I don’t fall off the wagon. But as with all things, we need to pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off, and jump on again. Enjoy!

1. Discovering and Rediscovering Passions

When I was 14, all I wanted to do was to study abroad, get a degree in something wildlife or environmental related, and save the world. I did that (not the save the world bit, but I’m still in the wildlife conservation industry). I’m 36 and I’ve realized it’s time for me to discover, rediscover and pursue other passions in my life. I’m in the process of doing this, and I’m excited about it. I thrive on the process of discovery. I have a lot of things I can be passionate about. I just haven’t found one I want to pursue just yet.

2. Exercise and Keeping Healthy

I don’t look super fit. I’m not in great physical shape and I certainly am not drop-dead gorgeous Miss Athlete. But I tell ya, I looove working out, I loooove getting out in the jungle and trekking around, I loooove swimming, and I loooove sharing these activities with my friends. Exercise and activity keep me focused; eating well (as much as possible, anyway) makes me feel good about myself. I come to a place of quiet and inner reflection during a trek in the forest, on the treadmill, with every stroke of my swim. My focus is always on the exercise and fitness. Whether I lose weight or anything else is never the goal. I believe that’s the key philosophy on exercise.

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Top Ten Quality of Life Contributors by Paul Mallory

Hi Everyone, this is the first of many future submittals.  This one comes from Paul Mallory, a fan of the site for some time.   We were introduced through Arvind Devalia a few months back and Paul is now doing some volunteer work for Quality of Life Project as well.  We will be publishing submittals from friends of the organization every two weeks going forward.  If you haven’t sent yours yet, we would love to receive it.


By Paul Mallory

People often talk about work/life balance. I realized one day (in middle age) that my work life is a huge percentage of my time on earth, and that I wanted my life to be as meaningful, contributory and joyful as I could make it. The key for me is to have work that feels like I am using my gifts to the full, and making a difference. That’s when I formed my company, Soul Work, to coach people on finding more fulfillment at work.


I have four beautiful, bright, happy and hilarious children, ranging from a school leaver to a middle-school starter. These are my favorite people in the world, and they are the people who bring joy to my weekends and through their aspirations and achievements, some huge, some tiny. They come before everything else for me, but I also realized that to support, mentor and make them happy, I needed to be happy in myself and that I therefore needed to feel good about myself and find fulfilment in my work.


I am happiest when I feel ‘on-purpose’, i.e. that my daily work is me being who I authentically am, at my core, and using my unique strengths for the benefit of others. When we’re lost in our work, we are ‘in flow’, and that’s a great feeling. I formed my company ‘Soul Work’ to research the question of how we can increase our fulfilment at work, by either changing our mindset around our current role, or by finding a new role that allows the possibility of alignment to our life purpose.

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Quality of Life Perspectives: Ariane de Bonvoisin Talks about the Little Things

Ariane de Bonvoisin

Ariane de Bonvoisin

I had the opportunity to interview Ariane de Bonvoisin this summer.  We met last year and I have quickly become a fan of her endeavors.

Ariane is the author of First 30 Days: Your Guide to Making Any Change Easier and has built a media company around her desire to help people enjoy life more.  Ariane embodies this Quality of Life Project purpose:

-  Contributing to the growing worldwide movement in which individuals are increasingly measuring success based on quality of life over other pursuits and are increasingly drawn to authenticity over pretense.

Ariane’s independent approach to life is truly inspiring. She lives like an explorer constantly finding new and interesting experiences to enrich her life. And her path through life is a great indicator. She grew up living in six countries, was an internationally competitive swimmer and graduated London School of Economics at 19 and Stanford Business School at 24. She went on to leadership positions in the venture capital world, at one time overseeing Time Warner’s venture fund. But she felt out of synch and saw how her personal life was suffering through by not being in tune with her true inner voice. She was always a spiritual person but felt she needed to regroup. Ariane ended up taking a new path. In 2005, she decided to become a media entrepreneur, which led to her First 30 Days book and the launching of www.first30days.com and soon www.arianestudio.com.

You can view the VIDEO of our interview with Ariane HERE.

Within the video there are index tags so you can navigate per your preferences.

There are some outstanding takes on big picture life perspectives that have helped Ariane enjoy her life.  You should not miss out on these.  But the best part of the interview in my opinion are the little things we unearthed that any of us can immediately try out.

-  Trampoline in office (“What brings you joy” section)

-  Five year journal.  (“What brings you joy” section)

-  Wheatgrass (“Diet or health practices” section)

I hope you enjoy the video!  Ariane is doing great work so if you like her book, definitely help get the word out…

Free report: Ten Tips to Greater Quality of Life

Ten Tips to Greater Quality of Life

Ten Tips to Greater Quality of Life

The most frequent question we get from people is, “So, with all the interviews  you’ve done, what are the commonalities that you’ve seen?”

We are now ready to report back to you the common practices that have emerged through all our interviews.

We aren’t offering a road map; but rather a simple recap of what practices and perspectives we have encountered the most, as well as some links to interview excerpts that expand on the particular quality of life driver.

We hope you like it.

You can get a free copy at our home page, www.qualityoflifeproject.org.

Quality of Life Perspectives: Interview with Mark McKinnon

Mark McKinnon

Mark McKinnon

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mark McKinnon while I was in Austin not too long ago.  A friend of mine Megan Hundahl, who heard great things about Mark from her days at CNN, recommended I reach out to him for an interview.

As I started to research Mark, it was clear he would be a great interview.  He seemed  like a real humble guy with a range of interests and some incredible successes.  Breaking it down for you, he’s one of the most respected political analysts and consultants in the world.  And he also used to write songs with Kris Kristofferson which is pretty cool.  Oh yeah and he ran the Ironman twice.

But what drew me to Mark was that he actually uses the term “quality of life” in his professional CV.  “Mark’s quality of life is exceptionally enhanced by the enduring love and patience of his wife…and his daughters.”

How cool is that…  Well, we knew he would be a great interview and we were not disappointed.  Here are the highlights and further below is a link to the video.

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What does quality of life mean to me?

Photo by Tata_Aka via Flickr

Photo by Tata_Aka via Flickr

I had lunch recently with the managing editor of Keith Ferrazzi’s company Ferrazzi Greenlight.  She asked if I could put together a small piece on what quality of life means to me.

It’s funny because you would think I would have written something along these lines given our organization.  The thing is we always see ourselves more as a “manager” in this project so it’s not our tendency to tell you about our personal practices.

Anyway, here is what I came up with.  It was actually a very cool exercise.


Quality of life to me is living in a way and doing the things that makes me enjoy life.

I guess these are the things that get me there, at least at this stage in my life.


I have an incredible wife and two great kids that I love very much.  I’m also lucky to have parents and siblings and extended family that I love being around.  The love I get from my wife and family makes me feel confident and secure; and everything springs from there for me.  I also think that one of the great things in life is to be able to share experiences with people you love and respect.  Whether it’s a day at the beach or a nice bottle of wine, being able to share it with someone you enjoy being with makes it that much  better.

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Man It Is Great Being a Dad!

With Father’s Day this Sunday, I want to write something about being a dad and also hear what our readers had to share.

The best thing about being a Dad I think is all the extra love.  The affection you receive from your kids is incredible and getting that makes my life a whole lot better.

Anyway, I’ll write more further below and share some pics of my kids, but let me first share what some of our readers contributed.  This is the first time I tapped into our readership to share some content and I love what we got.
Dave Crawford –  Long Beach, California

Fatherhood for me, is full of joy and pride..but also significant responsibility. Fatherhood can’t help but make you think of life in the long term sense. How what you do and say today will impact your life as well as the life of your family. From relationships to health, life priorities to financial investments, fatherhood gives me the perspective and motivation to make sure the decisions I’m making right now have long term benefits for myself and the people I love.

Robert Sturman, RobertSturmanStudio.com –  Santa Monica, California

A good father is the sun. Rays of light, selflessly providing, nurturing, caring for his family. That’s what I think of when I think of true fatherhood.

Robert Sturman

Robert Sturman

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Guy Kawasaki Shares His Views on Quality of Life

Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki

I was real stoked to get a chance to talk to Guy Kawasaki at South by Southwest about what quality of life means to him.  Ever since his 2006 post, “How to be a Mensch,” I knew I needed to interview Guy for my quality of life project.

People love Guy for his thought leadership on entrepreneurship and his sense of humor, wit and directness.  But I think it’s his down-to-earth, unpretentious manner that is his secret quality in drawing such a loyal following.

Below is a link to the video.   Here are my thoughts to some of the perspectives and practices Guy shared with us:

Spend time with your family
These “do not neglect the obvious” perspectives are often the most important.  Guy offers us another reminder (how many do we need?) that time goes fast and we ought to consider how we are spending our time.

Do something you enjoy
I really like how Guy talks about his love for hockey and that he doesn’t feel a need to justify it or intellectualize it.  He just says he loves doing it and that’s why he does it.  And of course he follows through on doing what he loves doing.  I’m sure he works extra early or late to deal with those two hours in the middle of the day playing hockey but he’s doing it!  Do you think he regrets it?

Family time can be watching TV together
Guy talks about “24” and “The Unit” as family time.  What a great and fresh take.  It’s all about experiencing shared interests.  Obviously Guy’s mainly about face time with his family but he makes an honest point that shared interests as a bonding experience. When my wife and I watched the first season of 24 together a few years back, we totally bonded over it – despite the “addiction” aspect to the show causing us to exhibit unsavory qualities such as lying to each other about whether one of us watched part of the following show.  We know a couple in town here that swears by their “shared activity” of playing Wii tennis.   It goes without saying that you have to have face time and nature interfacing activities in the mix; but if your family can bond over a television show, don’t miss out on that either.

Click above to watch the video

Click above to watch the video