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A Welcome Voice: "The Week" Magazine

the-weekI am a huge fan of The Week, a weekly magazine that summarizes the most important news and “issues of the day”.

Not only are we all overloaded with information as a society today, but most of the information we receive is either unimportant or slanted due to the ideological bias of its editors.

I have long  been on the lookout for a source of information that, a) efficiently delivers the most important stories of the day, and b) does so with minimal bias.

If I were to find a publication that does an exceptional job filtering what are the real impactful stories in the world, I would buy it.

If I were to find a publication that offers a truly moderate viewpoint, not pulled to ideologies on the left or right, I would buy it.

The Week is the best magazine I have ever encountered on both of these fronts.

On top of that, the layout is excellent, making it easy and interesting to pass through the pages.  It has one section called, “Boring but Important,” which is such a cool way to communicate with readers.

For domestic and international news, it offers briefs and a selection of the best editorials from around the world and from both the left and the right.

Another thing I love about this magazine is that, as strange as this seems, it gives off an unpretentious air.  It has a grounded approach and is not afraid to give its readers some humor or feed its jones for a little popular culture coverage.

To me, a publication like The Week is a total quality of life play. Now that I have a trusted source and filter of news information, I can afford to cut back on other information sources that took up a considerable use of my time.  For the first time in 12 years, I felt comfortable canceling my daily newspaper subscription.  This saves me a lot of time.  I now glimpse the news online every day knowing that come Friday I will get up to speed on all the important issues of the day.

You would think I gain some benefit from promoting The Week by the way I am hyping them (needless to say I have no affiliation with them).   I guess what draws me to this magazine is its moderate, enlightened philosophy and the fact that we don’t get enough of this today.  You can’t put your finger on it, let alone measure it, but this publication just has it.  I think most of us would agree that the world will be a better place when a greater proportion of people realize they can think on their own and don’t need to accept ideologically driven information.  When that happens, these negligible voices on the far left and right will go out of business.  [Some of those voices really believe what they say  (which still doesn’t make them worthy) but the majority have business plans on how to gain the biggest followings possible so they can pay their own bills.  They know that polarizing views are more likely to get talked about than moderate, enlightened views.]

Look, it was conventional wisdom for decades that politicians had to “dumb things down” to best communicate with voters.  Guess what happened?  This notion has been turned on its head during the last year in which politicians are finally starting to realize the American people not only can handle complexity and details but have an immense hunger for it.

The same idea applies to moderate politics (and culture for that matter).  For decades it has been conventional wisdom that the best political strategy is to pull constituents to the left or the right, taking advantage of the power of polarizing positions.  The benefit is staying in office, the cost is that such a strategy retards societal progress and individuals’ self development.
I just can’t imagine it taking that long for politicians to realize the untapped market in politics for moderate leadership that gets them elected and is also beneficial to society.

There is so much hunger for moderate views and leadership don’t you think?

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4 Responses to “A Welcome Voice: "The Week" Magazine”

  1. Ted Huang says:

    I enjoyed reading this! I will be sure to check out this magazine.

  2. Kate Loomis says:

    My girlfriend told me about this magazine recently and I thought it was great. I usually am not a news junkie but they’ve got me interested in all these issues I might not have otherwise sought to learn more about. I agree they seem very balanced.

  3. Srinivas Rao says:

    I remember you mentioning this magazine when we met. This sounds like a great magazine to be up to date on events without too much focus on negativity.

  4. Susan Bowman says:

    I have read and enjoyed The Week for the past few years, ever since my daughter told me about it. I whole-heartedly agree with you. In addition, it’s the only place that covers a lot of important developments, including the obits of major historical figures.

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