Mario Morino

Mario Morino is co-founder and chairman of Venture Philanthropy Partners and chairman of the Morino Institute. His career spans more than 40 years as entrepreneur, technologist, and civic and business leader. In the early 1970s, Mario co-founded and helped build Legent Corporation, a software and services firm that became a market leader and one of the industry’s 10 largest firms by the early 1990s. Mario lives in greater Cleveland, Ohio, with his wife and three children.



If you look at my close friends, they span a socio-economic line from someone who is just above the poverty line to someone who is uber wealthy. Several of my close friends are guys I’ve known since the 1950’s. They are not financially successful by any stretch, but they have cared about my family and I trust them. My closest friendships are the ones that, besides the good times, have experienced pressure, tension, and challenge—and survived them.

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