Drayton Mclane

Drayton McLane Jr. owns the Houston Astros, which he purchased in 1992 and operates as one of the enterprises of McLane Group. His far-flung interests grew out of a grocery business started by his grandfather, Robert McLane, in Cameron, Texas in the late 1800s. McLane, who lives in Temple when he is not in Houston overseeing the Astros operation, is a graduate of Baylor University. Drayton and his wife, Elizabeth, have two sons, Drayton III and Denton. The McLanes are members of First Baptist Church of Temple, where he teaches Sunday School.



You’ve got to be there for them from the time they arrive in your life so you understand them, but most of all so you don’t miss the joy of seeing them grow and develop. You can’t just all of a sudden decide one day that you are going to start spending a lot of time with them. I have two sons, one of them is 35 and the other is 32. When we’re together they’ll say, “Hey Dad, do you remember that time when we went to the zoo when we were little.” They’re constantly reminding me of fun things we did when they were younger. I also believe in spending the correct amount of time. When they are young, they need as much time as you can give them, but in their teenage years you do them a disservice if you smother them.

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