Sol Amon

Sol Amon is the owner of Pure Food Fish Market, which he has operated for 50 years at Pike Place Market in Seattle. Amon, who goes by “Solly,” has become an institution at the Market and has the longest tenure of any vendor. His customers are diverse and include folks like Tom Brokaw who once stopped Solly on the street in New York to say “Hi”. Solly’s family emigrated to the United States from Turkey at a young age. He has been married 54 years to his wife Tillie and has two daughters and three grandchildren.


Not imposing your will on others

I’ve learned that you cannot impose your will on others. I think it’s very difficult to do this and be happy. It is burdensome. I’ve had some employees with serious problems in their lives, many of which would be easy to point out and tell them how they were going about things wrong. I try to tell them I’m not your father but I’ll give you some advice if you want. I try to build my employees up by showing them respect. I have one former employee that owns a 300 person software company, one that is in the FBI and a gal who is now heads a government agency in Alaska. I hired one guy who during interviews admitted he had a drug problem. He became a great citizen, has a family, and now works for this company where he has 80 people working under him.

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