Gordon Zacks

Gordon Zacks is chairman of the R.G. Barry Corporation, one of the largest providers of comfort footwear. He began growing the company in 1955. Throughout his career, Gordon has been working at the forefront of various activist and philanthoropic causes. He has served on the board of directors and advisors of Children’s Hospital, Hebrew University Board of Governors and Chief Executives Organization. Gordon was a member of President Reagan’s Advisory Committee for Trade Negotiations, a member of President Bush’s Advisory Committee for Trade Negotiations and Chairman of the U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service Advisory.



A lot of people talk about happiness as the ultimate goal. I don’t believe that. Happiness is not a condition that causes one to feel the need to change. And the world needs a lot of help. I aspire to a fulfilling life. To feel that I am a part of something that is greater than myself. That I made a difference while I was here. We talked about balance. The insight I will share is that if you are living a fulfilling life, you are always out of balance.

Life is dynamic and changing. A moment will occur when the most important thing that has to be dealt with is your family and you better be there. My youngest daughter was in Israel and called me years ago and said me she needed me. I flew the next day and it was the most productive day of my life. I was out of balance with everything else but I was in harmony with my daughter. With business, I’ve had situations where if I didn’t let myself get pulled way out of balance, my business would have gone under. If you have clarity what your goals are, and you have good visibility of the subset of things that have to be deal with, and you are honest and flexible, you will deal with things pretty good overall.

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