Eric Bibb

Eric Bibb is one of the great performers living today. He is a Grammy-nominated blues musician who despite his accomplishments may still be one of the best-kept secrets in music. Eric’s guitar work and lyrics are incredible; however it’s something about his calm demeanor and uplifting spirit that makes him so successful connecting with audiences. Some of his best-known songs include “I Heard the Angels Singing” and “Shingle by Shingle (   Eric grew up in New York City and lived in Sweden for many years. He now lives in a town a few hours outside of London with his partner Sari.


Thoughts matter

I believe in the whole business about how your thoughts attract like thoughts. If you’re in a negative mindset, you’re going to experience that which will confirm that negative mindset. I remember decades ago I used to have run-ins with authority figures like bus drivers, it was fairly consistent. A friend of mine said, “You know it’s you, don’t you”. I said, “What do you mean?” and she said, “You’re sending out a signal that’s a delight to people who want to mix it up. They just see you coming and they think I’ll have a go at him because he’s going to rise to the bait. If you let go of your expectation of having a run-in with these people, you won’t have it anymore.” That conversation was an epiphany. I thought, wow, maybe it is me and I decided from then on to consciously expect good encounters, that I would be more smiley or whatever. I’m telling you, the negative experiences started to evaporate.

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