Shaesby Scott

Shaesby Scott is the owner and designer of Shaesby, a leading jewelry company with distribution partners that include Neiman Marcus and Saks. He began his career as a sculptor and furniture designer, during which he worked primarily with steel. While living abroad in Rio de Janeiro, Scott discovered his passion for jewelry and embraced the Brazilian custom of adorning the body with art. With a background in metal crafting, jewelry design was a natural progression, permitting him to make his sculptures wearable. Shaesby is a native of Lafayette, Louisiana and currently lives in Austin with his wife Catherine (who is well adorned!) and son Samuel.


Anticipating outcomes

I have gotten better over time at reading situations and anticipating outcomes. This helps me be more effective. I’m still improving; let me give you an example. Recently I gave permission to this construction company to have access to one of our lots to help them access an adjacent lot. Since then, trucks have been wreaking havoc on my lot. I got all pissed off and was telling my friend how disrespectful that was, making a mess of our lot, after I was so cool with them etc.. His response was, “Dude, what did you expect?” Work in process…

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