Gordon Zacks

Gordon Zacks is chairman of the R.G. Barry Corporation, one of the largest providers of comfort footwear. He began growing the company in 1955. Throughout his career, Gordon has been working at the forefront of various activist and philanthoropic causes. He has served on the board of directors and advisors of Children’s Hospital, Hebrew University Board of Governors and Chief Executives Organization. Gordon was a member of President Reagan’s Advisory Committee for Trade Negotiations, a member of President Bush’s Advisory Committee for Trade Negotiations and Chairman of the U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service Advisory.


Portable exercise routine

You have to find a program that is transportable wherever you happen to be. I’ve changed my whole lifestyle in order to be able to fulfill my exercise program.I do 15 minutes of mat stretching, then I walk for 35 minutes, then I do about 10 more minutes of stretching. I do this 6 days a week. It’s not about living longer. I don’t think I can control that. But I have an opportunity to impact how well I feel each day. I also see an acupuncturist on a regular preventative basis to keep the immune system working.

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