Drayton Mclane

Drayton McLane Jr. owns the Houston Astros, which he purchased in 1992 and operates as one of the enterprises of McLane Group. His far-flung interests grew out of a grocery business started by his grandfather, Robert McLane, in Cameron, Texas in the late 1800s. McLane, who lives in Temple when he is not in Houston overseeing the Astros operation, is a graduate of Baylor University. Drayton and his wife, Elizabeth, have two sons, Drayton III and Denton. The McLanes are members of First Baptist Church of Temple, where he teaches Sunday School.

Getting Things Done

Setting goals

Setting goals and then getting things done. I’m always asking myself what do I really want to achieve in life. A lot of people set financial goals. How much money do you want to make, or what’s your net worth going to be. I think the right goals need to be based on what you want to experience in life, what you want your family life, spiritual life, social life tobe like. Are you allowing yourself to do things just to have fun? We let our lives resemble ping-pong balls. The player determines which direction the ball goes; the ball has no control. Many of us live our lives that way. We let ourselves get pushed around by events and people and we really don’t take control of our lives.

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