Jonathan Greenblatt

Jonathan Greenblatt cofounded Ethos Water in 2003 with the mission of helping children around the world get clean water. In 2005, Ethos was acquired by Starbucks and Jonathan served on until 2006. In the 1990’s, Jonathan spent more than five years in the Clinton Administration, where he developed economic policy with a focus on emerging markets. This work took him around the world where he witnessed firsthand the economic and social challenges facing a majority of the world’s population.

Getting Things Done

Making use of time

I’m always planning, making notes, using time in between meetings and calls to get things done. I have a small black notebook that I fits into my pocket. I carry it with me everywhere. I am constantly jotting down thoughts, adding tasks for myself, knocking things off the list. When I’m traveling, I’m constantly reading, using any spare moment. If I am stuck on a rental car shuttle, I have reading with me. I have several websites bookmarked on my smart phone that I can browse when I am in line at a restaurant or waiting for a meeting to start. There is something zen about being able to escape the drudgery and frustration of a long line by doing something productive.

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