Scott Hahn

Scott Hahn is a co-founder of Rogan, a revolutionary apparel company principled on organic, sustainable sourcing and design. Scott grew up surfing the uncrowded beach breaks of Fire Island, New York where his family managed the local marina. Hahn’s environmentalism grew from his family’s role in one of the most socially and environmentally dynamic national parks in the Northeast. After college, Scott launched several successful companies and later met his business partner Rogan Gregory. Scott’s company continues to re-define production standards and today is one of the hottest apparel companies in the world.


Family relations

I think anything you can do to help everyone communicate. Families get into situations where they avoid dealing with things because it’s painful and it’s really close to home. I think it is helpful to constantly remind family members that their actions or lack of actions have an effect on the rest of the family. There’s a level of responsibility that everyone needs to step up to. What I’ve done in my family in situations that are tough is try to get people to that place. Put aside a lot of the character traits that will probably come up again and again because you can’t change people. But you can tap into this idea of the family being a greater unit and that everyone contributes positively and negatively.

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