Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson is a political motivator most widely known for his appearance on BET’s “Rap City”. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Jeff later went to the University of Toledo on a track scholarship which he later rescinded to pursue his path of activism. After college, Johnson became National Director for the NAACP’s Youth and College Division, and later a Vice President for the Hip Hop Summit Action Network. Johnson now tours the country, spreading his leadership advice and passion for activism by speaking at churches, university and local communities.



I don’t talk to my children like they’re babies. Even when they were young, I asked them why did they do what they did. When they watched the Lion King or Shrek, I asked them what they thought about the movie, not just did they like it. How did this part make you feel? Does it remind you of anything? I try to find strategic moments to allow my children to make decisions, do you want this, do you want to go here. It’s challenging them to become thinkers. Ultimately how they think and process is an obvious but often overlooked factor in quality of life. What you ultimately accept, what you don’t accept, what you challenge people to provide you with, what you don’t.

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