Sol Amon

Sol Amon is the owner of Pure Food Fish Market, which he has operated for 50 years at Pike Place Market in Seattle. Amon, who goes by “Solly,” has become an institution at the Market and has the longest tenure of any vendor. His customers are diverse and include folks like Tom Brokaw who once stopped Solly on the street in New York to say “Hi”. Solly’s family emigrated to the United States from Turkey at a young age. He has been married 54 years to his wife Tillie and has two daughters and three grandchildren.


Happy marriage

Family is my foundation and is what drives me in life. I have been married 54 years. How have I fostered a happy marriage? I love my wife very much and I tell her I love her every day. I have always been faithful to her. And we always are available for each other. Remember that your wife is the most important part of your life. My wife’s my lucky piece. Without her, my life would have a huge void. She wears a charm on her necklace that says, “Don’t worry. I’m always with you. You’re always with me.” That gives me a lot of self-assurance.

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