Scott Hahn

Scott Hahn is a co-founder of Rogan, a revolutionary apparel company principled on organic, sustainable sourcing and design. Scott grew up surfing the uncrowded beach breaks of Fire Island, New York where his family managed the local marina. Hahn’s environmentalism grew from his family’s role in one of the most socially and environmentally dynamic national parks in the Northeast. After college, Scott launched several successful companies and later met his business partner Rogan Gregory. Scott’s company continues to re-define production standards and today is one of the hottest apparel companies in the world.


Constant growth

Before our meeting, I was thinking about who am I to be telling anyone about what life’s practices are. I’m still trying to figure it out, I probably won’t ever. It’s a constant growth. For many people personal growth is an overwhelming proposition; to sort out and reprogram your outlook. But I doubt you can live your best life without going down the path of constant growth. I think you can find a lot of peace in starting to examine things that you can’t buy. Love, integrity, trust, relationships. If you have trust, that’s what love is to me.

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