Scott Hahn

Scott Hahn is a co-founder of Rogan, a revolutionary apparel company principled on organic, sustainable sourcing and design. Scott grew up surfing the uncrowded beach breaks of Fire Island, New York where his family managed the local marina. Hahn’s environmentalism grew from his family’s role in one of the most socially and environmentally dynamic national parks in the Northeast. After college, Scott launched several successful companies and later met his business partner Rogan Gregory. Scott’s company continues to re-define production standards and today is one of the hottest apparel companies in the world.


Getting into a meditative state

There’s a few things I do that help me get to a very calm, meditative state. Stretching. I do some breathing exercises. I also have this hot/cold cycling thing I do in showers, and it’s an amazing way to bring about the right state of mind. I’ll interchange 20 seconds of hot water with 20 seconds of cold water. By the time you’re like seven cycles through, you can’t feel if the water’s hot or cold and your skin is tingling. Your breath and heart rate is increased and it’s almost like a workout. The comedown from that experience relaxes the mind because it’s like recovering from exercise.

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