This website offers a wealth of best practices pulled from one-hour, face-to-face interviews with a range of people. From well known types like Richard Branson and Tom Skerritt to lesser known individuals like Sol Amon and Gordy Zacks that have equally compelling practices to share.

While each person on this site has unique perspectives on what drives quality of life for them, they share certain core characteristics. They are people who possess a clear vision not only into what are the drivers of their fulfillment and happiness but what are the best means of meeting their goals. They want to have the best human relationships possible, to make the best use of their time, and to position their lives for positive and meaningful experiences. They have high levels of self-awareness so they can focus on what is important to them in the most boiled down sense. And they are willing to work very hard to achieve alignment between their actions and what drives quality of life for them.

However, no one’s practices are universally correct or helpful for that matter. Some believe in rituals and some do not. Some have practices that are divergent from what others practice. The point here is to share a number and range of practices so people can consider on their own which ones make the most sense to them.

How do we decide who to interview? We look for individuals that are accomplished, grounded, inspiring, thoughtful, socially conscious and generally contented. People that are passionate but not hedonistic. People that are socially conscious but not too serious. People that are successful but also multi-dimensional. Sometimes you can just tell who are the ones we should seek out. Other times, we conduct online research to check our assumptions about people we may interview. In addition, we rely on recommendations from people we know that have had a certain level of interaction with the people on this website.

Some other observations about the interviewees:

  • By design we are tapping the “practitioners” in life rather than the “experts.” Our feeling is that only the practitioners can tell us what actually works for them with their well being as proof. And frankly we can relate to them a lot more than a “guru” who may not be on the same plane as all of us.
  • We have discovered that the people who get the most out of life are the humble types that do not take themselves too seriously. For this reason, we have had to persuade the interview subjects to participate convincing them that the grounded types are really the only appropriate models for this subject matter.
  • From all of our interviews, it is clear that a socially conscious mindset is a factor to well being. However, none of the interviewees want to talk about all the charitable things they do. So, for this quality of life driver, we can provide resources separately to help others gain more insight into this factor.