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Quality of Life Perspectives: Mario Morino on Deprogramming Yourself When You Leave the Office

Mario Morino

Mario Morino

Mario Morino is a man for whom I have great respect for.  He is one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs and philanthropists I have come across:  he cofounded and built Legent Corporation and Venture Philanthropy Partners, his latest creation.

However, the reason people have great respect for Mario is the person he is.  Despite all of his accomplishments, you will not meet a more grounded person.  You can tell he is the same person he always was and that he treats people based on their character and not their station or resume.

In my interview with Mario he made the following comment which I think is a great bit of wisdom we should all think about for a minute.

“Sometimes the characteristics that served me in the business world—a hard charging, driving force — tend not to be  the best characteristics for husband and father. So I have made strides in deprogramming myself from the characteristics that are not great to use around the house.”

This is a very rich perspective he shared.  It is fine to blend your work and personal lives, but at the same time you can also divide your work and family life styles. It is not an issue of authenticity.  It’s an issue of different worlds.

Some people might argue that if you are strategic, results oriented and calm enough you can operate the same way in both worlds.  I don’t buy that.  I think you have to be aggressive in the business world to get things done.   You can do it in a constructive way that lends dignity to others; but you still have to be hard charging.  That sense of aggressiveness is what you don’t need to bring home.  [Sidenote: I need to disclaim for the 37th time that these are issues I am observing in my interviews; not practices I am necessarily on top of.]

I think the same also goes for business language.  My wife and I have basically agreed to cut down on business jargon around the house.  I’m not just talking about “at the end of the day” (Ryan from The Office style) business speak; I’m talking about more subtle business jargon like “fundamental.”  “Honey, maybe the fundamental problem with our babysitter is…”  Give your spouse a break with the business speak….

Back to the main wisdom bit here.  I agree wholeheartedly with (and aspire to learn from) Mario’s wisdom bit about learning to deprogram yourself when you migrate from the office to the home.  When you are at home, you don’t need to be on your toes, jockey for position, make things happen, read situations.  You just need to chill and hang out.

2 Responses to “Quality of Life Perspectives: Mario Morino on Deprogramming Yourself When You Leave the Office”

  1. Srinivas Rao says:

    I think it can be challenging to achieve that balance. But it’s also necessary because it really affects the state of your relationships. One thing I think you can do to achieve that balance is to leave work at work. Once you come home, your focus should be your home life.

  2. Jessica S. says:

    It’s really funny– we never realize how much “business speak” we use outside of the office. It really is a silent killer, and has a greater effect on relationships than we actually realize. Deprogramming really matters.

    Great article, thanks

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