Shaesby Scott

Shaesby Scott is the owner and designer of Shaesby, a leading jewelry company with distribution partners that include Neiman Marcus and Saks. He began his career as a sculptor and furniture designer, during which he worked primarily with steel. While living abroad in Rio de Janeiro, Scott discovered his passion for jewelry and embraced the Brazilian custom of adorning the body with art. With a background in metal crafting, jewelry design was a natural progression, permitting him to make his sculptures wearable. Shaesby is a native of Lafayette, Louisiana and currently lives in Austin with his wife Catherine (who is well adorned!) and son Samuel.


Not imposing one’s views

The nature of my personality is to be controlling, and if I see a situation that needs help, I want to be the person to get involved and make things better.  With family members I want everyone to prosper and I want to see them integrate in every way they can.  What I’ve learned is sometimes the best course of action is no action at all.  And imposing my views on how they should do things and handle themselves isn’t always the best way to deal with that situation.  Speaking specifically about my brother, when we were younger I wanted so much for him to be a certain way.  At some point, I realized it wasn’t working and he wasn’t happy with my approach.  I then consciously decided to hold back my opinions and to just focus on unconditional love and being there as a brother.  And now he’s flourished into this beautiful person.  I don’t know what effect my different approach had but I know that what I was doing wasn’t working for him or for our relationship.

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